Wooden shelves are the most durable, efficient, and functional pieces of wall decor you can find. In this fast-paced world where we always look for multi-purpose items, how can these modern shelves be underrated?. Undoubtedly, wall shelves emerge to be the most elegant and classy accessory you can add to your homes. Making to your searches the modern yet sophisticated piece of decor.

Gone are the days when the interior designers and architectures had to look for a large space to have a decorative home. Small-spaced homes are the new interior spaces for the decade. However, decorating a small home can be a task especially when you are considering storage. In this blog, we have come up with all the ideas and tips that will help you decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room with wall shelves. While not compromising on storage.

Before we go deep into this informative guide blog, it is important to know various types of wooden wall shelves that suit different spaces. So it is advisable to choose smartly. We have tried to cover all the types and their perfect spaces. Be it for storage, decorative, or useful purpose. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mounted Wall Shelf | Wooden Shelves

As the name suggests they are wall shelves and do not take up any floor space. They are designed with different needs and looks. However, they are generally in the cabinet form or open-frame making them the first choice for functional needs. If you looking for a wall shelf that is great for storage purposes, then mounted shelves are a great pick. An excellent piece for living room and bedroom. Considering your space you can either go for vertical or horizontal designs.

For a small space, they are very efficient and optimizes your space. They are easy to install and with the right guidance you can set them up with yourself. And the best part is that they are very affordable with the life expectancy of these pieces will be worth your investment. You can use them for keeping books, small indoor plants, vases, artificial lamps, candles, and many other small accessories like keys and medicines.

Floating Wall Shelf

Undoubtedly floating shelves are the best you can get for both storage and decor purpose. They give a very modern and rich look to your walls and homes. The very prime feature of these wooden shelves is that they don’t show their means of support. Making them look very smooth and floating in the true sense. In case you are wondering how are they set up? they are installed with the help of screws.

However, firstly it is important to know how durable they are without compromising on the look. Secondly, they have the potential to support heavy items on it. For a better understanding take this example: A typical floating bracket of 12mm diameter can hold a shelf of 22mm thickness with a 20 kg load on it. They serve great in supporting small pots of plants, books, vases, and desk clocks. You can easily install them in your living room and bedrooms as they will surely enhance your interiors.

You can get these shelves in the number of pieces and fill your walls or you can have a combination of some long and small shelves. Depending upon your personal preference you can either go for a 3, 4, 6 level system or any other number of shelves.

Spine Wall Mounted shelf | Wooden Shelves

Most utility shelves are spine-mounted shelves. They give you a lot for storing and at the same time successfully make your wall look classy. You can take them into your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Considering your desired space you can install them in the corner. There are many creative designs available to choose from. You can customize your racks as per your need. You can set this up near your entertainment section or beside your sofa in the living room.

If you are planing this for the bedroom you can go for corners. They are great at showcasing books, plants, and mini decoration pieces. You can dedicate an entire rack for such mini decor pieces. They are very useful in keeping keys, medicines, remotes, perfumes, and other household and cosmetic items. They can also be known as tiered shelves or storage tiered shelves.

Corner Shelf | Wooden shelves

The best place you can mount these wooden shelves is in the corner. Hence, corner shelves are very efficient and functional. Corners are often considered negative spaces so corner shelves are the cheapest way to hide them. They look great and modern. You will be amazed to see how effortlessly they blend into your walls. A wider piece will be enough for you to add few pieces of decor. Small indoor plants look absolutely stunning on corner shelves.

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You can also go for few tiered corner shelves. Arrange your pieces of decor accordingly. You can easily dedicate different tiers for different needs. The multipurpose piece is great in bathrooms. However, the versatility of this piece will not fail you. You can set this up in your living room and bedroom. There are various innovative designs you can choose from.

Accent Wall Shelf

The accent wooden shelves are a perfect representation of modernity and trend. Undoubtedly they are great for keeping decor pieces on them. However, this accent wall piece is in itself is a piece of decor that gives you a rich look. The pieces are very luxurious and sophisticated. They easily blend with your walls and interiors. They are generally mounted on the walls and have very modern designs to choose from. Whether you want to store in a lot of things or only a few pieces of decor. They will alone flourish and shine irrespective of your choice of items.

They make a statement of their own. Give your bedrooms and living rooms a perfect and complete look. You can also customize them as per your requirements. They also come in geometrical shapes and sizes.

Cubby Shelf | Wooden Wall Shelves

Just like accent walls they too carry a very decorative purpose. However, they are great for storage as well. They have a lot of space in them which gives a lot of utility to the consumer. Depending upon the size and customization they are great in both homes and offices. They achieve a complete look generally by combining several squares or rectangles. You can also customize them from geometrical shapes and sizes.

They look great in the living room and bedroom. It is advisable to not set cubby shelves in the corner. A great look can be achieved when placed in the center.

Bracket Shelf

Bracket shelves are nothing but floating shelves. However, the means of support used in them are called brackets and unlike floating shelves they are visible. The brackets used in these shelves are made creative and fancy. A single tire shelf can be made great using fancy brackets. You can add both metal and wooden brackets. If you plan to go for such exciting brackets don’t forget to add plants to them. They both look great together. Give your walls a complete and most suitable look. With bracket shelves, you can go for movable tiers. Maintainance becomes low as you can clean them easily.

They can be used in your living rooms under your television. Useful in keeping WIFI rooters, set up box, remotes, and soundbox. You can also take them to your living room and bathroom. The versatility of the piece will not fail you.

Multi Utility Shelves | Wooden Shelves

Since all the wooden shelves are great when it comes to utility. However, having multi-utility shelves can be a great choice. Shelves like, that have a key holder attached or a towel bar beneath them are multi-utility. You can have storage, decor, and a bonus utility provider with one piece. You can take them beside your door or into your bathrooms. They come in both wall-mounted or you can keep them on your floors. If you go for shelves that need to be kept on the floor you can use the first tire to keep a plant or vase or any other decor item.


You can take them anywhere you like maybe in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can customize them as you like.

Wall Hanging Shelf

Wall hanging shelves can be a real piece of decor. They are very fancy and creative. These shelves are customized out of floating and bracket shelves. They are very cheap and affordable. For installing them all you need some screws to hang them on the wall. They are in themselves a wall decor. The ropes used in them are very traditional giving a classic look. The ropes can be made to look like a rectangle shape. You can very conveniently add an indoor plant to this shelf.

The piece is very versatile and hence you can take them into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and balcony. If you have a rooftop garden or a mini garden on your balcony these hanging shelves can be the best choice.

Hope the blog has been informative enough for you to guide you to plan a perfect set of a wooden shelf. Feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comment section below. The team of Your Furnisher looks forward to it.

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