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Have you ever looked at a piece of Wall Decor and thought, “This is not made for our homes and that it is meant for homes that have their Interior design done.” Well, Sadly this has been a huge gap with Metal Wall Art Decor and Hangings items in India. We are here to break this stereotype, and give an equal opportunity to one and all so that they too can decorate their homes within their budget and at their convenience. 

To make your home look good, you don’t need a huge amount of money nor do you need super expensive interior designers. We assure you that your homes can verily look posh and expensive on the most friendly budget ever. The myth that generally holds people back from investing is that they don’t have such walls that will justify the product or they have already painted their homes. The truth is you DON’T need special walls or you DON’T have to re-paint your homes to put up Metal Wall Art Decor Items purchased online in India. Trust us on this you don’t. You want to know how? Read our guide to how to choose the correct piece as all that matters is proper guidance and the correct choice of the wall as then the item will look very appealing.

Your Furnisher - A Platform to Buy Best Metal Wall Art Decor Items in India

Many will just convince you with words and generally, people fall for them. But not with us, we are dedicated to serving your needs and we will give you the best possible suggestions and guidance before you invest. 

Who in this world doesn’t want lavish-looking homes? We all only wish for them. Well, don’t worry. Your Furnisher is here to fulfil all your home decor wishes that you could only imagine. We are here to give you your dream houses on a budget that will leave you amazed.

When it comes to decorating your home, Wall Art and Decor is probably the first thing you will see. The metal category has become so common nowadays and is the first choice of anyone who is looking forward to affordable and quality options. Solving the problem, Your Furnisher was created. A Platform to Buy Metal Wall Art Decor Items Online in India. With our extensive collection of Wall Hangings and Showpieces, we are sure of your satisfaction with our products.

There are certain things we are very proud of at Your Furnisher.

  1. We are a Brand that is Made with ❤️️  in India 🇮🇳  and for Indians. All of our Products are made in India, generating employment to countless brothers and sisters.
  2. All our Products are tested and no-compromise is made in material quality.
  3. Safe to use with almost negligible pointed edges left in Metal Wall Art Decor Items.
  4. Free Shipping for all our Products and 100% Money Back Guarantee for any issues in our products.

What are Metal Wall Art Decor Items?

Metal Wall Decor is a piece of Art that is crafted from Wrought Iron, Simple Iron, Copper or Bronze Plates in order to make it extremely Exquisite. These Wall Hanging Items are designed to suit your lavish room and enhance its beauty many times over. They can be either be just for decorative purpose or can be completely functional with LEDs. 

They are both created for Aesthetic and for practical purposes. Aesthetic Collection include related to Floral, Wildlife etc while practical purpose mainly comprises of Key Holders, Shelves and many more. From Large Sculptures to tiny key holders they come in various sizes and shapes. 

These are various options available for you to buy Metal Wall Art Decor Items Online in India. These includes but are not limited to Floral, Automobiles, Spiritual, WildLife, People and Places, etc. Chose from our collection of 100+ Showpiece items Now.

For the convenience of user search, we have four subcategories of Metal Wall Art Decor to Shop Online in India.

  • FLORAL METAL ART:  We have the most exquisite and lavish-looking Collection of floral items. Items that you just can’t ignore and which have the potential to make you fall in love at first glance. We have pieces embossed with leaves, flowers, trees, and birds. We have frames of both rectangular, square and abstract shapes .
  • SPIRITUAL METAL ART:  We have pieces that are spiritually inspired, considering the love and faith for it. The ambiance these pieces carry is beyond words. The aura of peace and religiousness is clearly shown in our pieces. We have designed our collection in such a way that if you are looking for something religious and spiritual our collection will be the best destination to shop from.
  • WILDLIFE AND PEOPLE METAL ART:  Considering the love for wildlife and people we have an exclusive collection of such inspired items. You will see how brilliantly artistic reflection is brought out in our pieces. The creativity and innovation of artists and animals are aptly displayed in our designs and structure. If you are someone who is always looking for such creativity in and around, then do check out our collection you won’t be disappointed in any way.
  • AUTOMOBILE WALL ART:  We know the love and craze for automobiles and hence we have come up with this category for our audience. Everything that you desired in an automobile-inspired wall decor we have in store. You won’t be able to stop yourself from adoring these items.

Some FAQs on purchases for Wall Hanging Showpieces

How to Hang Metal Wall Art Decor?

All our Wall Hanging Decor Items are pre equipped with spaces to hang them on the wall. You just need a hanger or screw to place them on the wall anywhere you like. You may need to verify that the screws of you wall are even and wide enough.

Quick Tips to keep in mind while hanging the Metal Wall Art.

  • Try to match up with the existing colour of your house, and other surroundings like your couch, bed, and other furniture items.
  • Always remember that the Metal Wall Art Decor should cover 50 to 60% of the Wall Length.
  • If you plan to place the piece above any Furniture. Be it Bed or Sofa always hang it above 6 to 12 inches. This allows the piece to breathe and makes it even more appealing.
  • Always choose a Wall where the center of the Wall Decor can be at the eye-level of the viewer.
Do they Easily Break?

Absolutely Not. We Assure you of the quality that you will be getting. You can easily expect life expectancy for years to come. 

Are Metal Wall Art Decor Tacky?

Tacky generally means not good looking or not having a good taste. As far as questions is concerned, the final look of any art piece is depended upon how you place it. Adorning or decorating homes with tastefully selected metal wall decors definitely adds energy to home. If done in a stylish way, it will be attention grabbing and bring a Awe factor to your home.

The most common mistake people make while purchasing the Metal Wall Art Online in India is that they tend to over-match the Decor with their furniture or any other home surrounding, which eventually makes the Wall Art tacky.

What if I receive a Defective Product?

You can be absolutely Tension Free, while purchasing Metal Wall Art Decor Items Online at Your Furnisher. We have a Money Back Guarantee if any goes wrong with the product while delivering to you or if there is any manufacturing defect. Read More here.

What should I use to hang the product?

There are certain thing that we recommend for hanging. Placing it on any other item is not recommended because they are generally heavy and requires extra care.

  • Sawtooth bars or Picture bars serves well.
  • Nails or Screws are a very common use item.
  • Magnetic Handling tools with enough capacity
  • Clutter Free Hanging Wires - Barely Noticeable but can hold a lot of weight.

How to Coordinate Metal Wall Art?

Any art becomes Tacky when placed at wrong place or lined up with multiple pieces of the same type. So it is very important to read your room very carefully as to where are your good spaces. For Every room, there is a place where the art can be mounted. Figuring that out is the main job. For an Example, if it is a Living Room or a general room with Sofa Set inside, best place to use the wall hanging could be when placed centred above the couch. It should more or less exactly between the sofa and ceiling. Avoid placing it too high or low as it may lower the Aura of the Metal Wall Art Decor.

Another important factor would be Size of the Wall Hanging Showpiece. You would need to relate the size according to your wall. If your wall size is small, you need to go for those which are relatively smaller in size. For Bigger ones, go for bigger ones. Any Metal Art Decor should not be longer than the width of furniture over which it is placed.

When you pair a mesmerising piece of art with Mirror, it would make the room look bigger and would complement the art. Lastly, they should be hanged just at a level that its centre should be on the same level as average eye-level of person viewing it. Avoid filling up every empty space. Leaving some spaces empty will enhance your Decor Items by attracting more attention.

How to Chose the Right Metal Wall Decor Size Online to Buy?

We have discussed many points above as well on choosing the right size, but as a rule of thumb you can remember the formula which states

[ideal width of artwork]= [width of wall]*0.57

When you are trying to hang multiple items on the same wall you should remember the same formula and keep a 2-3 inch gap in between the frames.

These Wall Hanging Decorative Items can be a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a change in the aura of their room. Buy these Wall Art Online in India just at Your Furnisher.